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How to get your Comp Cards / profile to members of the Industry?

A membership on a database just isnt enough in this day and age... Introducing BGRATED Digital consulting / Social Media engagement plan

Social media Profile / Comp Card / Portfolio / Resume placement.

Want to show your portfolio to casting and other members of the film / model industry?

Join our Digital consulting / Social Media engagement plan. Once you are a registered member of BGRated your profiles will be listed on our online database as well as on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter!
We don't mean just our social media pages... That is automatic.
NO, We mean on the pages of people you wish to contact! 
That is right. We use Social media demographics, targeted marketing with "key-word" logistics and work frequency algorithms to find the exact people you want to show your talent to while they are surfing the internet in a non intrusive manner.
In English? 
We investigated what the people you wish to contact do and we put you right into the mix of it all. INSTANTLY.

Our targeting structure is not random or produced everywhere. That would be illogical. We have specific demographics to help build your monetization strategies. In simple terms your portfolio will only be shown to people within (or associated with) the industry your in. This in turn gets your face out there and gives you that extra chance to be seen. Take a look around you will see others already involved!

Who would need this?
Models, Actors, Actresses, Background, Theatrical, Movie production, Screenwriter, Film makers, Screenwriters, Pre production, Short film making, Choreography, Performing arts, Talent agents, Casting (performing arts), Casting (film), Casting couches... You get the idea.
The same way you found this offer is similarly how we advertise your photos.

This feature is included in all first month registrations and is part of your membership with BGRated.

$20 a month thereafter.
Regardless of Union status because this is a paid service. 

Times are changing. You need to go with the flow of technology.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo da Vinci

All BGRated accounts include:

  • Your head-shots posted
  • Emailed Project Notices
  • Your own personal URL
  • The ability to send your profile via email to anyone online
  • A profile in the database searched by Casting Directors
  • Access to sides for all projects
  • Placement on News Feeds on Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Placement on Mobile Feeds such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Media Hosting with up-to 50 media uploads
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Up-to 30 minutes of video
  • Limited Google+ Kijiji Ad placement
  • Searchable content (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
Safety at all times.
Profiles of all types can be made searchable to the general public only if a user specifically chooses to make their profiles public (personal contact information will never be made available to the general public, only casting directors and producers.)
How do I sign up!
Represented or not, you can get started online!
For new clients not affiliated with BGRated. Your first month is included with set up
Please note the "Monthly subscription" button is for members already registered with BGRated. 
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